We are VarYox

We are an art collective and production company based in Baku, Azerbaijan. We provide various services to our clients and partners. Scroll below to find more about us.


Production solutions

We offer a chance to convey your company's values, approach and mission, products to the audience in a creative and clear way. Thanks to the quality, flowing story, and presentation language appropriate to your brand, we are making a successful and memorable commercial for you.
Social media
Creative content and quality are important elements for your visual communication with your audience or customers to be noticeable. The quality videos we create for platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn focus on your potential audience and expand it.
We are with you at all corporate events for high quality shooting. Live streaming over the Internet or offline, single or multi-camera synchronous shooting is your choice. We invite you to cooperate to get a quality result.
By presenting your products and services differently, we focus on your brand, create interactive communication with your customers, and introduce innovation to them. All stages, from the creative story of your animation to post production services, are our responsibility.
We provide you with quality results by optimizing your photos, videos or movies with modern editing, animation elements, sound and color correction. You can use our services both complex and separately.
The 4 HD cameras we provide and the high quality sound minimize your live streaming risks. We are with you for corporate meetings, seminars, trainings, master classes, product presentations and any other broadcasts. Focus your potential audience on your meetings with high quality imagery.

Design solutions

One sign is enough to recognize your brand. The logos we present with the harmony of colors, symbols and fonts reflect your wishes with a professional and creative design.
We offer brochures, catalogs, flyers, banners, vinyl, posters, billboards, advertising posters and all other printing products you need to promote your brand in a quality form.
We create a creative, modern 3D world of your ideas and projects. Our high-quality green curtain backgrounds do not differ from reality, making any project more noticeable for your audience. If you want to be different, we invite you to work together.
We create an interactive, modern and eye-catching website in accordance with your wishes and the characteristics of your brand. Dynamic and simple features keep your customers focused on your site for a long time.

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